MIDI plugin vst for midi send and transformer function

Hi all guys , cubase lack of MIDI function on the instrument track , i need a midi send function with the possibility to use transformer for change my message too. Is it possibile to develop a vst3 that can solve that problem ? or we don’t have the possibility to handling and manage MIDI message on a vst3 plugin ?

Thanks for your help

MIDI is not part of VST3. For further information read https://developer.steinberg.help/display/VST/About+MIDI+in+VST+3


Hi Arne , thanks for your complete answer ! I’m trying to recreate the midi send function , so is it possible in vst 2 to recreate that ? Thanks

Hi Andrea,
if I correctly understood your issue, that you want to implement the “MIDI send” feature of the MIDI tracks in Cubase for instrument tracks, then I think this is impossible, as only the instrument in Cubase gets the note-on, note-off events and not a plug-in placed behind it. So you can only make a feature request @ steinberg so that they implement this feature. VST2 won’t help you either.


Thanks Arne for your support, yes that was my intent . I hope they will add it to instrument track

you can work around Cubase limitations a bit. You can create a chain of tracks… Host an instrument plugin version of a midi VST plugin… then create a secondary track which takes its input from the output of that plugin. You have to enable the monitoring icon of the second track so that you can select the first track that is feeding your VST midi plugin to take input from your midi keyboard.

you can also use third party subhoster like KushView Element in the instrument slot of a cubase track, then use all the VST midi plugins you want inside that.

VST3 and VST2 can both handle midi plugin tasks, despite Steinberg not wanting to officially support it. VST2 has more flexibility for a few specific issues which can’t be done properly in VST3, but many common midi tasks can be done with VST3 plugins also.