Midi Plugins

Does anyone know how i can use midi plugins in vst live? I want to trigger vst instruments with an arppegiator.

as far as I know, midi plugin support is planned but not yet implemented. Try to use instrument’s self arpeggiator instead :slight_smile:

It’s not that great, though.
Then I wait and see, thank you

Hi @Klausalito,

welcome to the VST Live Forum. And, yes, @fkalmus is right, this features is planned and we are working on the topic. Meanwhile, could you please tell us your workflow? So, we can test it with upcoming versions.

Thank you,

If I may …
What I’d like to do is use for instance autoLFO to generate a tempo-indexed cycle of values and feed those to a DMX channel.
For instance to create a slow fade in of a ficture dimmer over 4 bars.
Or a cyclic color change every beat etc.
And I would also love to have some sort of envelope control to fine-tune the slopes / knees of the sine or triangle or sawtooth cycles.

I prepare audio tracks in cubase and later import them into vst live. I like to use everything in the box with vst instruments. I like to control drums via midi plugins like beatdesigner. For complex arpeggios I also like to use midi plugins like Phrasebox.

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See my post about it. :+1:
Use Patchwork