MIDI Port Setup - Steinberg CMC-PD Pad

Hello. I will try to attach a screen shot of my MIDI SETUP, which is probably very basic compared to most on here.

The CMC-PD input device has THREE entries for In and Out and I’m unsure why. I googled this but cannot find a breakdown as to why it has so many different appearances. Here is a screen cap.

What should this device be set as inside of this MIDI window? Just make CMC-PD-1 visible for MIDI IN only and disable all of the others?

Should it be as as IN ‘All MIDI’?


I would expect only one CMC-PD MIDI Port. You can get more ports if you would get multiple devices connected. Or maybe you could get more ports, if you had connected the device to other USB port.

Cubase shows all available MIDI Ports on Windows (on Mac it does show only currently connected MIDI Ports). So if the system recognises multiple of them in the past, the may remain in Cubase. I would just try out which one is the working one and keep this one only.