MIDI Port support

Thanks for the update. Looks awesome.

On MIDI ports, are we limited to 4 ports? VE Pro supports up to 48. So…please tell me how to enable more.

You are indeed limited to four ports, A, B, C and D. There is no way to enable more.

OK, this is only marginally better than before. Is there some reason you can’t do more than four? VE Pro is all about putting everything in one instance. Otherwise you lose a lot of features. Workarounds like adding more instances and using the Event input VST don’t really work as efficiently.

I noticed in the expression map assignment dialog just now that you can increase the number of ports beyond 4 but theses don’t show up in the instrument midi channel assignment section. So I am really confused now.

It’s not intended that you can specify more than four ports in the Endpoint Setup dialog: that’s a little UI bug which we will fix.

Can we expect this number to increase in the future? If not, this will be a rather significant limitation especially when considering that each voice will eventually require a MIDI channel.

If you do increase it in the future, it would also be useful to have an option for numbers instead of letters to indicate the port (as this is what VE Pro uses). Then we wouldn’t need to do mental gymnastics to convert midi port letters to midi port numbers. With only four ports of course this is trivial, but if you ever end up supporting 48 ports then not so much.

I’ll talk to Paul about it, and come back to you.

Four ports is a tremendous improvement. It would be great if this number could increase in the future. Thanks, Daniel.

I was so excited about this, until I opened my avant-garde symphonic project with divisi and realised I could only do 4 ports… :cry: snif! Unfortunately I have 68 individual instruments which are rarely playing in unison… Hope this come in the future.

You can load multiple copies of the same virtual instrument, if that helps.

I’ve never tried it with an multi-port VST player, but you can certainly run several copies of something like Pianoteq.

I’ve talked to Paul about this first thing today and it should be possible for us to expand the number of ports relatively easily in a future update, so we’ll plan to do this as soon as it’s practical to do so.

Thank you very much.


Glad you think this can be done with relative ease. Thanks, Daniel.