Midi Preferences

Hi, I looked at the manual and read the forum, but just can’t figure out how to set preferences as I always had them in previous versions:

  1. Being able to open up multiple midi editors at the same time. (I use this on 3 screens sometimes)
  2. If I record onto a selected midi track it should be written into the track, not an other one on top of that

Any suggestions?

Here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=245053#p245035 was suggested, that one has to deactivate “link editors” in Preferences. But I just can not find that option anymore.

OSX11.6 and Cubase pro 9.0.10

It has been renamed…
Preferences>Editors>“Editor Content Follows Event Selection”

… and for the Key Command…
Key Commands>Preferences>“Editors - Editor Content Follows Event Selection”

Transport Bar>MIDI Record Mode>“Merge”.

Fantastic, works all now :slight_smile: thanks!