MIDI Preview for drums

Ugh. I’m smacking my head. The midi preview only works with Cubase loops. I have tons of drum midi from toontrack, Ugritone, groove monkey etc.

How the heck can I make a drum track out of these if I can’t preview them???

Even if there was a checkbox that said “Preview through selected track”. It would play through my drum au.

I’m at a total standstill here. Seems no apps on ios offer this.

What do I do???

Hi Robert_Loyst,

Thanks for your message.

MIDI previews are limited to the included factory loop library.

What about rendering your MIDI loops to audio, to have them previewable in the MediaBay?

This might also bring the advantage to have them sounded right away.
Plus, Cubasis also supports real-time time-stretch and pitch-shift.

Hopet that helps!

& stay healthy,

But how hard would it be to just be able to preview it through selected track instrument? Seems pretty easy?

I can’t believe NO ios apps can do this. I mean, it’s pretty standard in Cubase and other daws.

You literally have to pick a midi file completely blind???

Just makes no sense. Grrrrr
Guess I can always use Cubase on pc and save the midi to iPhone. But kind of defeats the purpose of mobile recording.

I don’t like the idea of audio files. Each kit piece needs its own treatment :slight_smile:

Hi Robert_Loyst,

Sorry, but for now MIDI previews are not supported.

Best wishes
& stay well,