MIDI problem Cubase 10 Pro

Hi Guys,

I have a major issue with MIDI since I upgraded from 7.5 to 9.5 and now 10 Pro.

Groove Agent and Halion do not receive MIDI messages sent from a MIDI controller. I have a Novation SL49 MKII and also a Roland UN-One, neither of which work in Cubase 10 Pro or 9.5 Pro but still work fine in Cubase 7.5. In Cubase 10 Pro (and 9.5) I can see MIDI activity in the Transport MIDI indicator and I’ve set the MIDI ports correctly for both Groove Agent and Halion (and probably other things I haven’t tried yet) but there is no MIDI activity in either Groove Agent 5 (or 4) or Halion. Mouse of course works fine. I’ve tried every channel independently and MIDI channel to ‘Any’ but same thing.

I’m really pissed as I’ve just spent $100’s to get the latest Cubase and Groove Agent 5 and a major function I depend on doesn’t work!

Anyone else experience this issue and any help would be hugely appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

I see you use a Mac. I have experienced an odd problem on my iMac with Cubase in that it doesn’t find Mac Core-midi system when loading giving an error message but still continuing to load. This failure to find Coremidi basically kills all midi on the session. The only way I can currently get round it is to Open the Mac Audio Midi Setup System midi window to the desktop before I start Cubase then it seems OK however theres something odd going on because if I close the System midi window and exit Cubase the system midi is again disabled and I have to reboot to activate it. I only see this on my iMac not my Mac Pro. I have upgraded all Midi drivers with the exception of the Yamaha drivers, so a few more debug steps to take. If you haven’t already done so you could just check that your Audio Midi system is running after you load Cubase. If you have any out of date obsolete midi devices on your machine there may be side effects in Cubase.


Are you still on macOS 10.13 as it is in your sign, or are you on 10.14? Do you use MR816CSX or do you have other Audio Device connected? Do you have connected any MIDI device or do you use MIDI just internally (for internal routing to the VSTi)?

This was happening on both 10.13 and now 10.14.

I do use different audio devices, Lynx Aurora Thunderbolt, Steinberg Mr816CSX and UR28M, but none are switched on when I get this Core Midi error.
Have a MOTU Midi interfaces but again not switched on when error occurs. Drivers for these have been updated to the latest available.


Sorry guys I am using Windows 10 not a Mac. I edited my post to say that I use Windows 10 and re-sent it for approval but they must have just received the first one.

Here’s the thing, I have a Windows laptop also which I loaded Cubase 10 on and EVERYTHING works just fine on it! Both the SL49MKII and the UM-One control both Groove Agent and Halion perfectly. It’s just crazy. The laptop is also running Windows 10 but ‘Home’ version and the desktop is running Enterprise. I don’t know if that makes any difference especially when all is still fine on the desktop when I run Cubase 7.5.

On my desktop I updated Windows to the latest updates (as is the laptop), I uninstalled and then re-installed both Cubase 9.5 and 10, uninstalled and reinstalled the Novation driver and still no luck.

It’s driving me nuts.


This is already known issue with USB Steinberg Audio Devices which don’t have the MIDI 5-DIN. It seems to be in the driver side. I’m wondering now if:

  1. It’s the same with the FW driver.

  2. It’s the same if you don’t use the Audio Device and just the driver is installed. Which seems to be true by your post.

Hey guys, I managed to work out a solution! At least my Cubase 10 system is working now but I still have no idea what the problem is! Here’s what I have done…

As I mentioned in my post everything was/is all working fine in Cubase 7.5 so I finally thought of saving a new fully working project in 7.5 and then I opened it in Cubase 10 and voila! MIDI controllers working fine for Groove Agent and Halion. I checked through all the Preferences and I can’t see a single setting that is different so I still have no idea what was/is causing the problem in Cubase 10. If I open another Cubase 10 project that didn’t originate in Cubase 7.5 the controllers still don’t work. Really weird

I have saved a working project that originated in Cubase 7.5 as a Template in Cubase 10 and it seems to be working. This has cost me days of wasted time but at least I have found a workaround



Thanks man, yeah I worked the Safe Start mode out but it didn’t help. I posted my solution in the other post (not sure why there are two though :slight_smile: )

(thread fixed) :blush: