Hello, my problem is this, I purchased the great product of Roland Drums HPD20, everything plays beautifully through the product, but when I connected the USB to the computer, turned on the Cubase, I can only hear the sound through the headphones of the product Even when I record into the Cubase I see a signal and see a recording, but the Cubase itself does not play what I recorded and only through the product itself can you hear the recording What did I forget to do :)? Thank you very much for your help

So you are recording midi? Is that correct? Do you want the midi to play the hpd20? If so then you need the audio out of it into your audio interface. Does the hpd20 act as an audio interface as well as midi? What audio interface do you have and what is selected in studio?

Hey Mark,
first of all thank you for answering me

Yes I want to use the midi option

I have a sound card of Native instruments
Komplete audio 6
The problem is that I have only connection there to monitors
It’s mean that I don’t know where to connect the audio outputs from the Hpd20
I heard the sound of the machine when I connect into headphones but the Daw There is no sound or if I choose any plug in I have sound

And I want to hear into the Daw the sound of the machine kit

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So plug the audio out of the hpd into the audio in of the audio 6. Then creat and monitor audio channels in Cubase for these inputs. Make sure the midi track output is set to the hpd.

This is how midi works. It is messages only midi does not contain audio data. The hpd is basically an external synth. Look at Cubase instructions on how to set up external instruments.

Cubase is playing exactly what you gave it which is midi. It sends this to the hpd. You then need to monitor the sound from the hpd. To do this as I mentioned you plug the outputs into the audio interface. You can the. Record the output as audio when you’re happy it’s how you want it.

I suggest a bit of reading up on what midi is.

thank you very much
so I think the problem is that in my Komplete audio 6 I have only 1 input for L and 1 for R
and they connect to my monitor now…

thank you for helping me and for your patient

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I looked at the spec for you interface. Firstly your monitors connect to outputs not inputs.
You have 4 inputs. 2 on the front and 2 on the back. Plug into the two on the back. Inputs 3&4

GREAT!!! thank you very much
I really appreciate it !!!
the audio is working

but I can’t hear the midi channel
I am recording into it a signal but when I playing it
nothing happens

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You need to monitor the inputs you plugged the had into as that is where the sound is coming from.