Midi problem with C8

Hi everyone.

I have been playing around with C8 and I am running into a problem that I’m sure is due to me missing something but I can figure it out.

I have a Yamaha Motif XF plugged in to my computer via USB and am using it as a midi keyboard. I am trying to record a midi track into C8 of an real time arpeggiated tune (a melody). However C8 is capturing the data and apparently is quantizing it as chords. When I play back the midi track everything is playing back as chords which is not what I want. Is there something I am missing? Is there a parameter that automatically quantizes midi inputs or something. I looked all morning and I can’t find it.

I am sure I am missing something, but if this has occurred with someone else, I’d appreciate some feedback.


What’s making the chords arpeggiate? If the Motif is arpeggiating chords that you’re holding, then it’s just an internal function and Cubase is only being fed the whole-note chords.

You need to tell the Motif to output the arpeggio, or turn it off in Motif, and have a MIDI plugin in Cubase arpeggiate it.

My guess is that the arpeggiation is on the Motif… If that is the case, the MIDI aspect is just the notes you are holding down (chords). You’ll have to check if the Motif has mode that allows it to send the arpeggio data over midi.

However, you should be able to route the chords back to the same patch on the Motif and it should play properly.

Sorry about that. I was not clear. I am using the Motif as a midi controller. I am playing the melody live while recording the midi track. However, instead of playing back the midi track exactly as I played the melody, it is playing back chords. For example, if I record an arpeggiated C chord (the notes played individually), C8 plays it back as a C chord (all three notes played simultaneously).

I can figure out what I am doing wrong.

sounds like you have quantize set to a long duration. Do you know where the quantize panel is?

Weird! And what does the key editor show? Whole notes?

Do you have a chord track?

Your MIDI Track also has a MIDI Modifiers tab in the inspector. Do you have len. Comp. at something other than 1/1?

I’m not near my computer but I’ll check the settings when I get home. Thanks for the initial suggestions. I’ll keep everyone posted on my findings.

I am liking C8 so far by the way. I am jumping from C6 so there is a BIG difference and learning curve for me.

You may also be experiencing this issue that has already been reported


It has been acknowledged by Steinberg as a known issue on the MAC but the same problem with Windows doesn’t yet seem to have been acknowledged.