MIDI problem

I have recently switched to MAC so I bought myself a USB to MIDI interface and I run into problems I never met before.
I find that every controller I use on my synth including foot controller instead sending their CC# parameter sends actual notes… So if I move my PB it’s like if I swept across entire keyboard, knobs like attack/release/resonance/cutoff when turned trigger single note each and each of them different note.
I have Studio One installed next to my Cubase so I used it’s MIDI monitor to see all messages coming into my seq software and I find that there are almost only notes. If I move mod wheel there is an occasional MW message, same for PB…
Never had such problem with Windows. All controllers work fine on the synth itself of course so it’s MIDI only problem…
Solution may be obvious - can cheap generic interface be at fault here? I have nothing to compare, should I buy a proper one? This one was cheap enough not to miss it…

You’re saying you got a midi to USB device, is that one of those super cheapo jobbies that’s basically a pig tail/cord adapter that has one USB & two standard midi DIN’s? I’ve heard they’re trouble. If so, you can get a proper midi interface for little money.

What are you using for a controller? A regular midi keyboard, or not?

If you can’t figure things out with what you have now, maybe you can go to your nearest department/music store & pick up a midi keyboard just to test. It would probably be a quicker thing to try, than spending days on trying to make something screwy to begin with work :bulb:

My controller is a quite old Yamaha CS1x not a plain controller. As for an interface, yes, it’s the most basic USB to 2x5 pin DINs with a piece of electronics in the middle.
Browsing for a proper audio/MIDI interface I found that there are some combinations interface/controller that may/won’t work as well.
While it’s not a huge problem I wouldn’t be happy to be forced to shop for new keyboard and interface right now as my current focus is on new monitors. I planned to spend money on those a bit later ;/

I’d ‘guess’ your keyboard is fine, and it’s likely that that cheapo midi device is causing the problems. What do you have to ‘Host Select’ midi switch set to on your Yamaha?

I’d ‘guess’ your keyboard is fine, and it’s likely that that cheapo midi device is causing the problems. What do you have to ‘Host Select’ midi switch set to on your Yamaha? If you’re using a midi DIN cable you should be on midi.

It is MIDI, with MIDI cables it wouldn’t work at all on any other setting.

I confess, I bought a cheap midi to USB unit as you did…

I actually didn’t even bother to try and use it. After I bought it, I read that they were utter crap…and since I really needed a lot more midi In/Out anyway. I bought some ‘used’ Motu 8X8 MTP AV routers from ebay for very little money. I have both serial to computer & USB to computer versions…they can be had even cheaper than a new 2X2 midi router. They’re all stand-alone units and can be controlled from the front panel as well as within the computer. You’d obviously need a USB to computer interface.

Though I wouldn’t doubt that cheapo is at least part of your problem, I also wouldn’t doubt that anything Mac/Apple/i doesn’t want to play with anything that isn’t Mac/Apple/i.

If you’re using a Mac laptop, and you don’t want to purchase something 1st, you could take it with you to a music store and try out some midi interfaces to see if your problem is resolved with something proper. If it’s a desktop, you’ll just have to get a decent midi interface home to try it.

Another thing that you could try, is to reinitialize your keyboard back to factory default to make sure some setting isn’t whacked. Again, I don’t think you likely need a new keyboard/midi controller…not unless Macs don’t like that either :unamused:

I don’t recall you saying if you have an audio interface? If you don’t have a proper interface, you need one anyway IMO and they’ll serve two needs (audio & midi I/O). You could buy a reasonable inexpensive one with midi I/O. Steinberg puts out a couple of cool inexpensive interfaces with midi I/O. The UR22 @ $150.00, and the UR44 @ $300. They both connect to the computer via USB.



Now, I don’t like to tell people they need to spend more money, but you just may. You may actually have to try something DIFFERENT to find out.

A proper audio interface is still on the list. But since I kinda decided to get rid of Yamaha (I don’t use it as a synth for a long time - only as a keyboard) and buy a MIDI keyboard with direct USB connection that I know will work with Mac I will most likely give it up having no need for MIDI interface anymore.
Anyway I’ll be in Dawsons next week, some overtime pay on it’s way as well so I’ll decide soon what do I do.
I spent less than 10GBP on that interface so I’ll let it gather dust in a drawer probably…

P.S. I’m rather after a Focusrite interface as I know Focusrite well, trust them, I used their preamps before.


The Focusrite is a similar product & price point that the Steinberg UR series. Personally, I would buy myself a proper interface 1st…because that’s one of most important components for recording IMO. Things like the Cubase version, 32 bit/ 64 bit, OS mean little to me. If you simply want to get rid of that Yamaha keyboard, and get a small USB keyboard/controller, well that’s up to you, they’re not that expensive! Chances are that the Yamaha may work properly once you get that Focusrite and use it’s midi I/O. You can wait & see, or not.
If you never use mics or instruments, and don’t record any audio at all, having an audio interface may not be as critical, though from what I’ve read many times, having a proper interface still provides benefits, especially being ASIO compatible will give proper latencies…you’ll need to connect speakers, headphones etc. Not being a Mac guy, I don’t know about it’s built in audio capabilities.

In my set up, though I have USB capability on a couple of midi gear pieces, I use 5 pin midi DIN in all cases anyway because it’s more reliable, therefore it’s my preference to use standard midi out of any keyboard I’d use myself…just me. My old Alesis QS 7.1 synth with midi out is all I’ll ever need for midi input into the DAW.

I bought the exact same stuff as shown on you picture. Not working at all !
Is that a device issue? I mean this cheap USB to MIDI “made in China” connector.