MIDI problems with time signature change

I have a song in 4/4 that has an occasional 2/4 measure.

I created my midi parts while it was all still in 4/4 then realized I needed to insert a few 2/4 bars. After that, the notes in midi editor no longer snap to grid correctly, no matter what granularity I have the grid set to (e.g. 1/4, 1/8, etc.). You’d think they’d be off by two beats, but instead they’re off by something odd like x.1.2.30.

I rarely work with multiple time signatures in a song. Am I missing something here, or is this just a bug?

There’s no bug as far as I know. Simply changing time signatures has no effect on midi events.

How do you define the word, insert?

Hey, Steve.

I added a time signature track, and there’s a button on the track to bring up the process dialog. I instruct it to insert 1 bar of 2/4 and hit the do it button. It then inserts the 2/4 bar at the current cursor position, after which it reverts to 4/4.

Am I not doing that correctly? It’s not familiar territory for me.