Midi problems

Hi,im running cubase 7.5 on amd 64x2 3.5 quadcore pc running windows 7,i am having serious midi problems.

I have connected my midi keyboard which is a novation remote le,when i fire up a blank project,select a vst instrument track,select all midi inputs the vst does not play,the midi active light doesnt flash on the vsty but it flashes on the transport panel.

I have checked all midi settings,made sure it is active etc,if i go into the piano roll and use the mouse to select a note the vst will play and il hear it.
Its like cubase is showing midi active but isnt linking it to the vst or even the track.

Now if i open up vst as stand alone and play it it is fine.

I have looked at every midi setting there is,i have also tried another midi keyboard and same problem.

Anyone got any ideas?


On the device menu under devices there’s a lot of configuration information and there some midi in there, might be something you can do, see if your keyboard is there.

Does your keyboard work in other DAWs?

You can download a free midi program like a midi monitor just to see if you don’t use another DAW.

have you tried hitting the big red Record Arm button on the selected midi track in track inspector?

Or the “monitor” icon next to the Record button??