MIDI program change bug

After importing a MIDI file from Dropbox that I had created with Sibelius, the MIDI clips all contain program change and controller reset MIDI information. It’s easy enough to delete this unwanted data, but when routing the MIDI to IAAAs or my synth the settings continue to be changed to certain parameters or programs. It’s terribly frustrating. Does anyone have a fix??

Can someone help how to store tracks recorded on a DAW directly on USB without affecting the actual sound as recorded during the process.yes am talking about midi VST tracks directly on SMF format on USB without affecting the sounds .hope u got my point.

Hi Randomised,

It seems that the imported MIDI files still include some parameter/data, resulting in the MIDI program changes.
I’m afraid that there is nothing we can do on the Cubasis side, since it is not a bug at our end.

Please make sure to have the MIDI files prepared accordingly.

Hope that helps,

Hi Hariprasad,

I’m sorry, but I do not understand the topic, please come up with a more proper description about your request.
Also, are we talking Cubasis (our mobile music production app for iOS) or any of our other applications?