Midi Program Changes Insert Marker

I’m a live audio engineer and I’m trying to set up Cubase for multitracking and virtual playback through my console. Previously, I used Waves Tracks Live for this and it has a function that is perfect, but I’m struggling to make something similar work in Cubase. Here’s a summary of what I’m trying to do, taken from the Tracks Live manual:

"Enabling a Marker for MIDI Program Changes

A marker can be used to send and receive program change messages.
• In record mode, a marker is placed on the Markers ruler when Tracks Live receives a program change message from an external device.

• When the transport is in playback or stop mode and Tracks Live receives a program change message, the playhead will relocate to the marker that corresponds to the program change number received on the MIDI port."

So basically, when I’m recording, I want to be able to send a midi Program Change from my console to Cubase, which would drop in a marker. Then, while playing back, if I send that same PC, I want the transport to jump to the associated marker. This makes it so that when I fire a specific song scene on my console, Cubase is playing back the corresponding song in the timeline. Is this even possible? And if so, can anyone help me with the setup? This feature was just baked into Tracks Live, so it didn’t take much thought to set up.

Hi there,

talking about more than 9 markers setup? I ask this because there are shortcuts for moving to the first 9 markers. The way you describe it, I think you’re talking about (possibly) more.

A very interesting feature, by the way!

Yeah it would be closer to 30 markers. One for each song in the set.

The thing is, this can easily be done via scripting, however, after you close the session, these mappings will get lost, unless you use an external utility for saving these states. I have to guess you need this info stored and recall it upon reopening the project. If that’s the case, perhaps you should add a tag to your thread to the feature-requests too, unless of course someone clearly advanced here has a solution for this :slight_smile:

As a workaround you could use multiple marker tracks, with which would give you up to 90, or 180, you would have to format your commands a bit differently of course.

Another approach would be to combine the Arranger Track Which gives you 20, with a Marker track with both markers and cycle markers, for a total of 38.