MIDI Program Changes

I use Emulator X3 as my main vst instrument, currently within Cubase 5.

One issue I am having in setting up my control of it is that its patches aren’t available from the program selector in the inspector.

I am informed this is due to VST 3 instruments generally being 1 patch instances as VSTis but my Emu is 16 track in 1 instance. It accepts program and bank change commends sent on the track from my control keyboard (Nektar P4) but I cannot conveniently see what the current value is or control from the inspector.

I have tried quick controls but they are limited to MIDI CC and MIDI insert plugins mainly.

I thought I might be able to do it via a user panel but the parameters for the vst are limited and I can’t seem to add sysex like i would be abvle to for a midi device controlling an external hardware synth.

i don’t want to use list editor as this is just as inconvenient, I just want a slider with a value for bank and program changes which will then reflect my keyboards midi in data.

Assistance sought and appreciated.