MIDI Punch Pedal

Hey Guys

I have an old school question. Is there anything like a midi punch in/out controller pedal for eg. for Cubase which reacts fast? I really miss working with a punch pedal like in the 80’s with reel tapes and even with the ADAT’s and my HD24 it worked but now since Cubase and Samp are my main „recorders“ I have no chance to use my “punching” feet anymore :slight_smile: . I know that a DAW gives you a lot more comfort in this respect but it would be nice to be able to influence the punch in realtime… when I want to… without delay.

Any ideas? Thanks

But why?

  1. Set the beginning and ending markers to just before and just after the punch point
  2. Use pre-roll to get yourself in the groove and auto-punch out (so that it stops recording after the ending marker)
  3. Adjust the segment’s start and endpoints
  4. Bring the underlying segment to the front
  5. Use cut to cut out the original track so that there’s a bit of overlap
  6. Use crossfade to get a smooth transition

The results sound better and in spite of the number of steps listed are no more difficult than if you spent several takes attempting to punch in and out at the right point.

well thats what I meant. Both Samp and Cubase have really good auto punch possibilities but I’d like to influence those tenths of seconds with my right foot. I’ve been using the markers and crossfades and so on but its just not the same. Are there any “fast” midi controllers to which you can hook a pedal up to?

The alphatrack.

Or put your keyboard on the floor and use your toe on the * button :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing:
maybe there’s a toe pedal app for an ipad somewhere :slight_smile:

Hey, another chance for me to evangelize my feature request… start record on midi event….


No need to evangelize! on that point…Im in total agreeance …pray tell why isnt it already in Cubase!..an audio threshold level trigger & a “Note on” record would be…hang on… SHOULD be already in the program :exclamation:

Used to be in the old VST I seem to remember, or was that on the Atari?


I sometimes like to use the markers to loop a section then use my Alphatrack with a footswitch to punch. You can use any keyboard with a footswitch socket in conjunction with generic remote.

I wouldn’t mind separate punch and loop markers.


Yes, my 12 year old keyboard has this functionality. It starts recording or playing back rhytms on the first note you play if desired. Can’t be hard :unamused:

I concur.
Great idea.

does any of you know this here?

For the longest time I wanted to have a foot controlled punch in record pedal of some sort…just like I had been used to for many years with my Tascam multi-track tape machine…

Steve: If you have a MIDI controller of some sort (like a keyboard or something) with pedal inputs, you can create a MIDI Device for the external unit’s pedal input to act as a record on off footswitch. In this example, I’m using a footswitch plugged into the ExpressionPedal input on an Axiom kybd to toggle Record on or off. There are other possibilities going this route, if this is not exactly what you’re looking for.

Yeah, I was wondering why nobody pointed this out. It’s pretty easy to reassign a footswitch or sustain pedal’s CC address in order to control “record” – takes about 30 seconds in Cubase

hey guys
my brother has an M-Audio Oxygen 25. I’ll hook it up and try plugging in an on/off pedal for a test.

I’m using an old DX-7 as a masterkeyboard and I didnt want to use the pedal hooked up there. Its a real piano damper pedal and doesn’t feel good for punching.

Anyway thanks a lot for the answers, cheers