MIDI Question for the GURU's

Hey guys, I switched over to Cubase a while back from Nuendo after 11 years of Nuendo really not being the ideal DAW that I was told it would be for Steinberg. ANyway, I had my Roland XV-5080 set up great in Nuendo but when I put the patch scripts in the Roland folder in Cubase 7,it doesn’t show up in the drop down menu to add the script as an INSTRUMENT in the MIDI Device manager. My YAMAHA Motif was easy to set up. The patches that are in the roland folder work but of course do not line up with the Roland 5080. I have used my patch from Nuendo, Cubase 6 and even went got a new patch off the net. I have searched the web and have seen that it has been a problem. I have tried the solutions from what I have read but cannot get it working in Cubase 7. I don’t think it’s Cubase. It also worked fine in Cubase 6. I am using a MAC PRO running OS 10.7.5. Thanks in advance for your answers that will coming from all over the world to help me out.

The oldest version I have installed personally is Cubase 5, and it does not have a patch script for the XV-5080. There is a 1080 patch there. I would suggest getting the patch script from your older version of Nuendo.

To import a patch script, first, please shut down Cubase. In the Finder menu bar click on “Go” while pressing the [option] key and select Library from the drop down menu. Then go to Preferences, then Cubase 7. Go to Scripts, Patchnames, Inactive, Roland, and place the desired patch script there. Start Cubase and then you should be able to add the patch. I hope this information is helpful.

That’s what I have been doing. I took the patch from Nuendo and placed in sequence that you have suggested but the 5080 still doesn’t show up. It is the weirdest thing. I have it working in Cubase 6 and Nuendo but it will not work in Cubase 7. Can you give me another work around. Is there a technical support number that I could call that someone can work me through this issue? Thanks

try ditching the roland directory and drop it down one level to


that’s what I did with my 5080 script is and it works fine!

edit: just noticed that your on a mac… so can’t guarantee this will work but worth a try!

Hi George,

did you try “Midi Device Manager / Export Setup” in Cubase 6 / Nuendo, and then “Midi Device Manager / Import Setup” in Cubase 7?
I would expect that this would work…

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That did it! Thank you! Thank you! Why didn’t I think of that? Duh! Hope that helps somebody in the future.