I am not really good with MIDI so I apologize upfront. basically I use CuBase 6 with Halion Sonic and VST instruments. Most of my life I have been recroding live guitars, bass and drums - never really using midi, samples etc… I now have been exploring with halion and samplers and Addictive drums and i love it.

I have a MIDI controller keyboard called a CME MOBILTONE U-Key. It is a pretty basic controller and connects via USB cable to my computer. It was an inexpensive and the manual that came with it is garbage. Their also seems to be no web presence for this company.

Basically when i record anything with this controller it is constantly sending pitchbend info to the track i am recording. I dont even touch the pitchbend on the keyboard. After I record I have to go to the MIDI editor and remove the pitchbend info - this is ridiculously tedious and Im sure not the intention. Being that I am clueless with MIDI for the most part I have no idea how to stop this or where to even start. I was thinking about just getting a better controller but I figure if it is a simple solution than i would try thsat first.

Any ideas on where I can start to look to correct this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Mike Pelle

You can use the input transformer to filter out the pitchbend information. There is already a preset for filtering controllers. Just change one of them (like aftertouch) to pitchbend. If that is the only controller you use, you can select “global” and I think it will apply the input transformer to all tracks. But also try a different USB port. I had a bad port on my computer that was causing mystery notes, pitchbend, modulation, etc. I thought it was my controller till I tried a different USB port.

Thanks for the quick response.

Where do i find the input transformer? Sorry I am just really off with the MIDI functions. Is this in the Preferences - whereas I can set this for every project going forward?

I figure I will try that first before I change the USB port.

Thanks again


There is actually an easier way to do it. Look in the manual on page 105 under “Filteriing MIDI”. The input transformer is covered on page 450.

Why not try the easy thing first? Pull the plug out of the USB socket it’s ion, try another one.