Midi recognized but can't use controllers (Alesis VI25)

Hi! I got the demo version of Cubase Elements 8 and I’ve used it a while but I always had a problem: I have a midi keyboard (Alesis VI25) and all the keys work, I get sound and I can play, the drumpads works fine as well but none of the other controllers actually do anything.

Here are some specifics:

  • When I use any button, wheels or nobs,the midi activity indicator fire up, so I know the device is being recognized
  • The device is up to date with the latest firmware

I looked up how you are to supposedly map the different controllers in Device Setup -> Remote Devices -> (since Alesis isn’t in the list I chose Generic Remote). I select my device from the midi input/output and check learn but when I use any controller, nothing happens.

Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?


You should create a Generic Remote, then try again.

Hi eliasfrost.

Steve is right. You need to create Generic remote and then map the buttons yourself.
I have the Alesis vi49. I mapped the rotary knobs to quick controls and have a generic remote for transport and the other buttons.
vi49 generic remote.zip (1.8 KB)
You can try to import that as generic remote. It might work and if not, at least it will give you an idea how you can map your controller.

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The post is from 2016, but there might be still some users searching for an easy solution.
Please read the ReadMe-file for further instructions.
Alesis VI 25 Cubase Template.zip (4.24 KB)
Kind regards


Hej hope u still there.
I’m highly interested in your alesis iv49 templates