MIDI Record when the window is not in focus - Possible Bug

I have a Mac application that acts as a Virtual Midi controller transforming the computer keyboard in a Midi musical keyboard.

When I try it with Logic, it works with no problems. I hit the record button, switch the active window to the other program and play. What I’ve played is correctly recorded in Logic.

When trying the very same thing in Cubase, it seems to record “something” but all the played notes are “compressed” at the very beginning of the recording, all with the length of the selected quantization value. (see the picture)

Unless I have some strange setting on (what could it be) this seems really like a bug.

Any help?

  • Have you done the basic, essential troubleshooting step of ruling out corrupt prefs using the Safe Mode Dialog?

  • Does this happen using a physical midi input device?

  • what’s the virtual midi app you are using called?

Hi Steve,
thanks for your interest. I think I tracked down the problem. The problem is not linked to focus / not focus:

When I send the data through a midi keyboard, the MIDI Monitor shows a “Position” value (9 hours and counting?) that is increasingly higher and higher. When sending note from the app (that I’m developing and is not yet public), the position is always “0:00:00 000”.

My app connects to the DAW via the standard Mac IAC Driver. As far as I know, Midi packets don’t even have a “position” value, so, I’m pretty sure the problem is related to that “0:00:00 000” but I have no idea where to investigate, nor why this doesn’t work in Cubase but is OK in other DAWs.

Any idea?

That sounds like a bug in Apple IAC, not in Cubase.

Could this be solved ?