Midi recording comes in early ??

I have just upgraded to Cubase 5 and when i record a midi part from my keyboard into cubase, via my Edirol UA 25EX interface, the midi part that i am recording is recording ahead of the beat, even though i am very carefully playing to the beat ! I am stumped as have never seen this before ! can anyone kindly share any suggestions to why this might be and how i can fix it ?? many thanks

Going purely on what you’ve said, and without knowing further details of your setup, I would guess that it’s due to latency on your sound card (which introduces a delay between the audio in Cubase and when you hear it).

You mention recording via the UA25EX, but how are you playing audio back?

Are you sending the audio output from Cubase to the UA25EX via ASIO drivers (if you’re using PC) and then out to monitors, or are you just listening via your computer sound card?

Is “the beat” you mention an audio track/loop, or MIDI?

hiya, i am not sure how it can be latency as the recording is early, ahead of the beat ? i am playing audio back through the same interface …

confirm i am sending the audio output from Cubase to the UA25EX via ASIO drivers (i am using a PC) and then out to monitors, and “the beat” is a MIDI recording that i have done myself, NOT a VST via MIDI, such as groove agent, which sits nicely on the beat…

it seems that this is a very common problem, but just found a great article from sound on sound that recommends clicking ‘Use system timestamp’ in midi device set up, and it is working so far, so fingers crossed that has solved this problem… :smiley:

You’ve sorted it then?

I mentioned latency because (when using a ‘consumer’ sound card) the audio output would be delayed, whereas MIDI TX/RX would not - therefore the MIDI would be ‘in front’ of the audio.