MIDI recording Dorico

I’m trying to record a midi keyboard sequence on a Double Bass instrument line but Dorico only accepts notes recorded in a very high (unrealistic) range of the instrument. Reinstalling Dorico did not help: this seems to be the default recording range for that instrument. Where to find ways to resolve this feature?

Can you provide an example project file, showing the ‘range’ that you can input?

Normally, you can play any note into any staff. It may be outside the playable range of the instrument, but you can still enter it.

Don’t forget that the Double Bass is written an octave higher than it sounds.

Reinstalling is massively overrated as a fix for problems, particularly if the software is actually running.

Is there great difficulty in recording the DB “too high” and then transposing the notes down (CTRL/CMD + ALT/OPT + Down Arrow) into the desired range?

It appears that removing the template folder restores settings that also recover the allowed recording range. I don’t know which conflicting settings have caused the error, so I don’t consider revoking the templates folder, but start tuning my preferences from scratch. Thx for the help

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I have the same (similar?) problem. (I never record individual instruments, except piano, so I have never come across this before).

MIDI record for Piano works as expected.
All other instruments only record notes above B4. They sound during the recording, but are not rendered.
Step input works correctly for all instruments.
MIDI Record Problem.dorico (981.8 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.3 MB)
Could @dspreadbury or @Ulf check this out?

I can MIDI record a G4 into your Flute part in your project file. Perhaps an application preference is at play?

I wouldn’t know where to look.

That aside, why would the Piano behave differently from the other instruments?
(I tested the Harp to exclude the fact it is a grand staff instrument)

There are various prefs that deal with recording, under the Play section:

The only difference is I have the Filter Out MIDI controllers checked. If I uncheck it - no change!

Try opening a MIDI file and in the MIDI Import Options dialog, check to see whether you have a pitch filter specified to filter out key switches, and if so, try removing it. These settings are also applied when recording in real time.

OK. That fixed it. Thanks.

It takes a great leap of imagination to connect that particular setting with MIDI recording, though on reflection, I guess Dorico treats a recording as an import, given it only renders after the recording stops.
That said: a) I was unaware it is a persistent setting; b) ought it to be visible on the normal Preferences>Play> MIDI options section? c) Why was the Piano Instrument unaffected?

Yes, I agree it’s highly non-obvious. I guess the piano was unaffected because Dorico handles MIDI import and real-time recording on keyboard instruments using a different set of routines, including multiple voices etc.