MIDI recording, I thought this was possible, even basic, but now not so sure

This might be obvious, but I am struggling.
Suppose you have a melody you like, you play it in, but don’t play in the CC controllers

Now you want to loop the melody and try different takes of the controllers - only - whilst keeping the melody as is.
What’s happening here is if I set up Cubase for this, on the second takes, the notes are not recorded, only the controller lanes.

Is there a magic mix of recording modes, or some other method?


The notes won’t be recorded as you’re not playing them. Loop record is exactly that. It records what is being input.

Am new to Cubase, but I do this with ‘merge recording’ switched on in FL Studio/Reaper. That way the CCs can be added afterwards. I’m not at my PC right now, but would like to think Cubase has a similar recording option?

Just tried it - it’s not in a recording mode, but I set MIDI recording mode to ‘Mix’ and then used ‘Write Automation’ in the track header (it’s the ‘W’ on the right).

Once recorded, you can enable/disable using the ‘R’ in the track header.

HTH. [Sorry, didn’t realise my reply was Off Topic. Was just trying to help. I’ve made a separate thread about Automation<>CCs. Y]

So on the 2nd take you want to add some CC controllers plus add some midi notes? And the controllers are being recorded but not the midi notes? I’m not sure I understand what your trying to do.

But I would suggest all the different midi record modes…merge replace etc…

This topic is about CCs, not automation

I believe Zero wants to cycle record CC parts to new individual lanes, while keeping the original melody. I’d use New Parts + Stacked for that:

Then, just select your favourite take and comp.

Unrelated, but also useful, you can re-record just the controller data in the Key Editor by selecting Replace mode, and setting “Replace Recording in Editors” to Controller, under Record-MIDI preferences:

Merge is not recommended for CC retakes because it will literally “merge” the previous CC data/points with the new take, creating a mess. So you want to use Replace + Controller for that.


Found this. In Preferences/Record-MIDI, set “Replace Recording in Editors” to Controller. Not at my DA W

Got in a mess trying this, messed up my post too, so starting a new post. This is what I want to do, it’s proving harder than it looks.
Basically, I often like to write notes in using Notation, but am not so keen on writing CCs using a pen, I like to wobble faders…

So in order to achieve this, this is what I want to do:

  • Record a MIDI melody in a Loop, do NOT record any CC (e.g CC11) at this stage, just the notes - this is the easy bit
  • Go back over the Loop and add multiple CC takes with say CC11, in different lanes, whilst hearing the melody.
  • Replay the original melody whislt selecting another (CC controller recorded) lane, to play at the same time.
  • Once all CC lanes have been auditioned, (with the melody playing) then select the best one and merge this with the Melody lane.

Here are my current settings.:
In Preferences/Record/MIDI set ‘Replace Recording in Editors’ to Controller. TBH I do not really understand what this does, but was advised to do this.
MIDI Record Mode is set to: New Parts and Stacked.

I have tried using the Comp Tool to select a CC track to audition but doing this solos the lane and silences the Melody on lane one. The tool seems to be designed more around chopping up bits of lanes and creating a mosaic of lanes.
Once I have been able to achieve auditioning the different takes in the CC lanes, then it looks to me that the Glue Tool will do the job of merging the CC lane selected with the original note melody lane. However I have not yet been able to audition the CC lanes seperately, without siliencing the melody.

I tried using the mute tool too but it did not behave well.

There may be something simple that my remaining neuron is missing

Any ideas gurus?


@ZeroZero I have merged your new topic here.

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Thank you for the video.I appreciate the demo. I tried this. Did not have success yet, will try again tomorrow. Did you use the comp tool to select? When I tried, if I selected one lane a controller lane, the original melody lane silenced.