midi recording issue

On my macbook pro using usb midi
yamaha cp4 midi driver was updated.
tested with reaktor synth and synthmaster vst and breaktweaker. doesn’t matter when I look at the keys vertical, the note c#2 doesn’t play strike.

there is a note c#2 that doesn’t record on midi. I see it sending and it doesn’t play any instruments.
If use Reason, it works perfect. The controller does it’s job through the Mac.

I see the little green light go up but no note light trigger when I play, but nothing happens and no note is not recorded. The surrounding notes are recorded.

Something is messed up somewhere.

So I setup reason to rewire. But it doesn’t have a record option. I plays the instrument.
However if I have 2 instruments 1 vst and 1 rewire c#2 only plays the rewire instrument not the vst.
What magic is this?


Make sure you are not using any Remote Device with the Yamaha CP4 as an Input (or All Inputs).

Double check Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices, please.

I disconnected all remotes from the studio. This fixed the problem. Thank you.