midi recording question when in a loop, can you get 1 event?

Is there any way when recording midi in a loop cycle to have 1 continuous midi event in a similar way audio is recorded. As it currently if you record midi in a loop for 10 loop cycles, you get 10 midi events. what I would really love is 1 long midi event with everything that i played, is there any way of doing this? or perhaps a workaround?

Set the MIDI Record Mode you want to use in the Transport Panel. Manual page 102.

I don’t think any MIDI Record Mode will do what you want. Try Retrospective Record from the Transport menu. That might keep it all in one MIDI part even when in Cycle Record Mode.

Restrospective Record has nothing to do with it. But, also on page 102, MIDI Cycle Record Mode does play a role…

None of the MIDI Cycle Record options will do what he wants. Neither will Retrospective Record. I just tried it and it acts as a stacked MIDI recording.

yep, retrospective doesnt work when playing in loop, and also the stacked modes all result in either a mixed midi event or a replaced midi event.

ultimately what i was hoping for was a single midi event that i could slip back and forward to see the previous midi i had written. to be fair i understand why it doesnt work like this as it would be messy.

thanks for your replies though!