MIDI recording to lanes


Maybe a stupid question about virtual instrument MIDI recording, using Cubase 10 Pro. What would be the easiest way to record MIDI on lanes so that the last part is not played back while making another take if you have stopped the cycle recording? It works just fine if you keep the cycle recording looping through your selected part and not stopping it - every take ends up in a new lane and nothing is played back while recording. But… If you stop your recording, go to your start marker and hit record again the last played take starts playing in the background - second takes goes nicely to Lane 2, but Lane 1 is played back as well.

And yes, I do have MIDI recording modes set as “New Parts” and “Stacked”. Of course, if I solo the Lane 2 after stopping the first take I cannot hear the Lane 1 content while recording but that feels a bit clumsy. Recording audio works differently - new takes end up in new lanes without previous takes playing back no matter if I stop the looping or not. Am I missing something here or is this how MIDI recording is supposed to work?


Oops, it seems my post was duplicate of this:


I’m surprised there is no cure for this, if I understood correctly - there is no way to automatically mute the previous take. Makes lanes with MIDI a bit difficult to use.

Cubase please fix this annoying bug!