Midi Remote and Midi CC to 'All Midi' possible?

I have a problem with my Intech Grid Controller (which is actually a great device):
the unit only has one midi out and midi in port. It has buttons and faders and these I want to use for sending notes and midi CC that gets recorded on midi tracks. It als has 4 rotary encoders with push and these I want to use as quick controllers programmed by midi remote. However, as soon as the device is added to midi remote, the normal midi doesn’t pass through. Is it possible to do that? I don’t want to use midi by quick controls, as this does not allow me to edit in the key editor without having to convert it first.


Yes, it’s possible. Just close the Mapping Assistant. Then the not-assigned MIDI data just pass thru.

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Are you on a Mac or PC? Either way make some fake internal midi connections (use midi looper if on of) and set these as the remotes in and out. Create a midi channel and connect its output to the input of your ‘fake’ internal midi port. Then, when you want to use it, select the midi track and arm record on the track you want to monitor.

Thanks, but in this case I was just wrong: the midi tracks had the wrong ports assigned without me noticing. But as Martin correctly said, the midi commends not learned in the mapping assistant are passed through correctly.