MIDI Remote Awkward Navigation

Unless I am missing something, it’s awkward getting back and forth between the various editing features in MIDI Remote.

To edit a remote I have already set up, I have to go to the lower window, click on a gear icon, then click on “Show Script Info,“ and then click on “Edit MIDI Controller Surface.”

Have I missed the easy way to do this? If not, I think it would be a good idea to create one.

Also, deleting a remote is more complicated than it needs to be. What about just selecting the remote in some list and hitting the delete key on my keyboard?

That said, MIDI Remote is a great new feature!

Maybe the following isn’t good enough for you, but for me it is:

Once I have my MIDI Remote mapped to the hardware controller, I assign one or more MIDI Remote buttons:

and/or Cubase Key Commands:

And those get me to the places I need most often with a single action.

Like I said, MIDI Remote is a great new feature. And I understand what you said about setting up shortcuts.

But I think that makes my point. If a feature requires setting up shortcuts to become convenient to use, maybe it would be good to incorporate those shortcuts into the feature’s actual user interface.

Hi @mtrigoboff, there are quicker ways to get to the Surface Editor, the pen-icon opens the Surface Editor. It can be found in the Lower Zone’s MIDI Remote tab and in the Mapping Assistant window: