Midi remote control doesn't capturing MMC?

In the new version (Cubase12) I tried to edit a new script for my Arturia Keylab49 (unfortunately not the essential series, but an older).
Before I added the script, the transport controls that are sending MMC messages has been working fine.
As I added the script, they stopped working, and it seems that the editor is capturing only CC controls, but not the MMCs.
Is it planned to work this way? Is there a way to solve it, or I shall remap those buttons to some CC?

Hi @Bobberozo, yes MMC is not supported yet (good finding btw :+1:). Please configure your keyboard to use only CCs or note-On/Off for the buttons.

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Thanks ! Remapped it is totally fine, and still a good feature from 12.
Though this way I don’t think worth to share my scripts with others, as it relies on the mapping too.

Hello Jochen, thanks for the update, this has been puzzling me for a while.
Your reply “MMC is not supported YET” gives me a sign of hope, could it be activated in later updates?
I’m having great difficulty getting a shuttle / jog wheel to work properly which worked perfectly under “Generic Remote” in HUI mode.


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