Midi Remote control stops working when i plug in another midi device


i have some weird behaviours with my midi remote controls…
Cubase Pro 12.0.70

The Remote Control works fine, until i plugin or enable a new midi device, that was not present at the start of cubase, it will make all my midi remote control units without function until i restart cubase.

i start cubase and i have 2 midi devices powered on and running:

  1. Behringer X-Touch Mini
  2. Midi Fighter Twister

everything works fine, for hours.

BUT, if i turn on / plug-in another midi device , or a device that also has a midi2usb ports, (no matter if its a keyboard, the NI Maschine Mikro, or the FAS Axe FXII) suddenly the remote controls stop working, the GUIs are still in the remote control view and show as connected, but cubase does not react to the controls anymore.
When i restart cubase, all works fine again including the new turned on devices.

I dont think that was the case in previous cubase 12 pro builds, because usually when i´m recording a song, sometimes in between i turn on my Axe FX II to record some guitars, and once finished, i turn the axe fx off again. the remote control units always did work no matter how often i turned on/off some devices in between. but now it doesnt anymore.

As soon as i have a cubase project running and i want to record some guitar takes, and i power on ie, my Axe FXII, the remote controls are loosing their functionality. so i need to close and restart cubase entirely to make it work again, which is a bit annoying :wink:
it also happens when i turn off a midi device.

i did already lots of testing, it does not depend of which devices or in which order they are started, it happens to all of them, in all orders

any ideas what could that be?

kind regards

I am pretty sure it happened with earlier Cubase 22 versions too

I think it’s a “known issue”

For me doesn’t happen with all the devices ,for example I have 2 native instruments Kontrols [different models], if I disconnect a device [iCon controller, or Novation] one of the 2 Kontrols stops working, the other one works. No other device is affected [and I have many usb…]

I think it also due to the USB port, so that’s probably due to Windows [10 for me] and Cubase together

Would be curious to know if this happens to Mac users too

thank you very much for your reply,
i´m currently right in between a project, so i´m not very keen to downgrade to a previous version and test if the issue is existend there as well, but i might do this once i have finished that project

yeah, i can confirm, i noticed it that sometimes only one of my 2 controllers stop working, sometimes the behringer, sometimes the midifighter, and somethings both. i did already try different usb ports, etc.
also i noticed that sometimes the controllers still get midi signals from cubase, because their led indicators are still following what is happening in cubase, but cubase does not get any midi data back when i turn knobs or pushing buttons on the controllers.

i´m also on Win10