Midi Remote controlling Stereo out main

I made a template in midi remote and can control the first 9 tracks volume sliders. I have an expression pedal already assigned to a slider on my template. I have not found a way to control the stereo out on the mixer. Is there a cc number that is assigned to the stereo out main slider.

When scripting the mixer bank needs to be restricted to be output channels only (includeOutputChannels in the code below) and then, assuming one output, main is the first one. In script it looks like this (roughly):

    // Master Fader
    // If there is only One output it will be Main
    // If there is more than one out then this will be the first one - there doesn't appear to be a way to verify this
    var outputMixerBanks = page.mHostAccess.mMixConsole.makeMixerBankZone().includeOutputChannels()
    var outputMixerBankChannels = outputMixerBanks.makeMixerBankChannel()
    page.makeValueBinding(surfaceElements.faderMaster.fader.mSurfaceValue, outputMixerBankChannels.mValue.mVolume).setValueTakeOverModeJump().setSubPage(subPageMasterFaderMain)

I’ve not used the GUI builder for mapping but imagine a similar result might be achieved.

thanks RobW, I finally figured it out, all I had to do was right click the stereo main out and assign it to my template slider I made. Works great!!!

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It’s safer to give it a name like this:

makeMixerBankZone('Stereo Out')

If you have more than one mixer bank zone, they must have different names, otherwise the saved states can’t be applied correctly.

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