MIDI remote devices spontaneously disconnecting on 12.0.30

Using Cubase Pro 12.0.30, two of my three MIDI remote devices spontaneously disconnect after just a couple of minutes. The MIDI ports are still active, and the MIDI devices are working. I can, for example, record notes and CC after the MIDI remote disconnect. But the MIDI remote manager shows that the devices have disconnected.

I am experiencing the same problem, usually after a few minutes, my nanoKONTROL 2 and Keylab MKII show disconnection. The solution is to restart Cubase.

After restarting, the MIDI remote device just disconnect again after a couple of minutes. They’re essentially unusable.

After removing all of the MIDI remote devices and re-adding them, this behavior seems to have disappeared.


Are you on Mac or Windows? I haven’t experienced this on Mac.

If you are on Windows, which MIDI Driver Type do you use, please? Do you use the WinRT MIDI Ports?

This was happening on Windows using the Win32 MIDI APIs (not WinRT).

For the record, the last time I tried using Cubase with WinRT, Cubase would crash sometimes when un-muting MIDI channels. Maybe that’s been fixed, but since device identity is handled differently in Win32 vs WinRT, switching is a pretty big hassle.

Same here with BCR 2000.
Disconnect at remote but still the midi port is sending midi to cubase on an new midi track with bcr2000 midi input.
Hey steinberg please investigate!

Has anyone solved this ? Akai MPK mini3 supported by Steinberg with custom script. Keeps disconnecting like described here (Midi still working) - running Nuendo 12 on win10

Same problem

same for me with nanokontrol 2, cant use it at all as a remote. Only sends midi ccs but the “MIDI Remote” in lower zone is totally inactive…


Are you sure, you own the nanoKontrol 2, isn’t it the Studio or any other version by any chance?

Yes it´s the nano ontrol 2. I have done a custom setup with it. Sometimes it works but mostly not. I kind of found a workaround for it. I hit “Open midi remote manager” and go to scripts, then click disable controller script, and then enable it again, and it will be connected. When I start cubase 13 it always shows as disconnected in the midi controller tab. Have no idea why.

The nanoKontrol 2 comes with a dedicated script in the Public folder. Maybe you should deactivate this one first (if not have done so already), and then inspect if it changes anything to yours?

Thank you for trying to help. Yes I tried the standard script for nanokontrol2 and the same thing happens with it =/. I don´t think I had this problem with cubase 10/11/12.

I have inactivated nanoKontrol 2 standard script when I use my custom one. Sorry, I missunderstood first. I only have one nanoKontrol 2 script activated at a time.


Sorry, I’m confused now. I was thinking, you don’t see the device at all in the MIDI Remote. So you have own script? Did you make it in Cubase 12 but you don’t see it in Cubase 13?

Could you provide some screenshots to clarify, please?

Here are some screenshots.

On screenshot 3, if I click the “Disable Controller Script” and then re-enable it again, the nanokontrol 2 will be connected again and fully working. I have to do that every time I start Cubase.


I’m wondering, why is the script named ‘Min nanoKontrol 2’? Did you also change the folder name accordingly, please?

No, I didnt touch any folder. I just imported the script that I did in Cubase 12 or 11 in to Cubase 13. Name of the script shouldn´t matter? I didnt want it to have the same name as the standard “nanoKONTROL2”.


The name of the script matters. That might be the reason, why it doesn’t work for you.

Interesting. Would be nice if it was that simple. So what do you suggest I name my custom script to? Same as the standard script for nanokontrol?