MIDI Remote for Send Levels?

I figured out how to do map my midi control for channel gain and panning, but not send levels. I have a convolution

reverb send on every track in slot 1. I see in the midi mapping assistant where it says send “level” slot 1, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any idea how I can use my fader to control a selected tracks send level?


mSends.getByIndex(sendIndex).mLevel // Level
mSends.getByIndex(sendIndex).mOn // On/Off
mSends.getByIndex(sendIndex).mPrePost // Pre/Post switcher

Hi Martin. Not sure what this is. Can you please elaborate on what I need to do?

Hi Martin,
I am quite sure that the OP asks how to do this in the Editor, not with writing a script.
Is the required thing not available in the editor yet?

Cheers, Ernst


Oh, sorry, I was replaying to the script.

Do you mean this (see attached picture, please)?

Yes that is what I am referring to. Based on the pictures I uploaded, Did I set it up correctly?

It doesn’t seem to be working for me. I want to be able to control Spaces II on whatever track is selected.


Then use the Selected Track parent, please.

What is a track parent? Your screenshot is identical to mine in terms of the options. I just want to know what to select.

By “Parent”, Martin refers to hierarchical folder system in the browser. A folder with a folder inside it, is a “parent” with a “child”.
Just make sure you are selecting the function you’re looking for under the “Selected Track” entry.

oh yes, of course. Yes I selected the correct one. It’s okay, looks like I can’t find a solution for this one.

Is Cubase scriptable? Where can I find information for that?


Yes it is. Search for the MIDI Remote API, please.

I would like to download “MIDI Remote API - Programmer’s Guide”, but it seems it’s only available from Cubase 12 (from the info line of the MIDI Remote tab).
Can someone share this document please?

Which device are you using?