MIDI Remote - Have you connected Mod Wheel?

I have Cubase Pro 12 and created MIDI Remote script for Novation Impulse 25. I was able to map all controls except for the modulation wheel. It’s assigned CC1 and when moved shows in the Controller view. There’s a hash mark - below the fader graphic and the mapping assistant isn’t showing CC1. Any others been through this?

Work-around is to just leave out the Pitch and Mod wheels from the script. This way the QC’s and transport buttons work and the VST instrument still receives CC for pitch and modulation.

I have Nuendo 12 - and a new user to the product. I too have had the issue of not being able to map the mod wheel. The default QC mappings for the NI Choir-Omina seemed off - the Mod wheel was switching between Keys/Sequence. Frustrated - I cleared the QC controls from the track. Which did not help.
Then I hit the drop down, and used the Search function for Modulation - picked the top entry and then it worked - and not only for that track.
The Midi Remote mapping seems to need a fix in this area - Mod Wheel is pretty standard and it should be able to be mapped in that context.