Midi Remote: How to change MIDI ports without adding another surface or disabling script?

This is really seriously annoying.
Using Cubase 12.0.50, Windows 10. Trying to connect my Lemur setup to Midi Remote.

I’ve spent quite a while setting up my Lemur template to completely mirror what is seen on the Midi Remote GUI. The only problem is, I experienced alot of MIDI feedback and jitter when I tried controlling the faders on my Lemur to Midi Remote. So I thought maybe the MIDI ports should be different.

Alas, I’m not allowed to change the MIDI input and output Ports in Midi Remote. This is seriously frustrating! Is Steinberg telling me that I’ll have to either “Add Another Surface”, or completely delete the script and start all over again???

So not wanting to start all over again, I tried “Add Surface” under the same script. Now I have TWO surfaces, with their MIDI ports conflicting all over with each other, AND I CANNOT EVEN DELETE THE 2ND SURFACE I JUST ADDED.

So, two main irritating things about Midi Remote here:

  1. Unable to manually change MIDI input and output Ports once you’ve set them.
  2. Unable to remove or delete extra “Surfaces” from within the SAME script.

Really need some help here, this is really unacceptable!

For now, I’ve reverted back to the good old “Legacy” Generic Remote. It’s so much better and alot smoother in motion. I really hope Steinberg doesn’t remove Generic Remote in future updates of Cubase and Nuendo, until Midi Remote is just as good.

Hello Teo,

I guess you know that it is possible to remove a surface by deleting the Controller script?

But I read there is a problem to remove it from withing the SAME script (which I not fully understand)

If you delete all the knob/faders etc on a controller surface, the controller surface disappear as well. (So could be a workaround.)

Hi Fantom,
thanks for the reply.

Isn’t deleting the script means also that the entire script would be gone, which means alot of wasted effort? I want to delete surfaces WITHIN a script. But right now, (and as I’ve said in the original post) I think if you simply delete the script, the ENTIRE thing would be gone, and I’ll have to start all over again, which is what I do not want.

Isn’t it necessary to use the ports as defined by the Lemur Daemon? (Just asking, not familiar with Lemur)

The scripts should be in the Documents folder:
C:\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\User Settings

So, rename or make a copy to a safe place …

Yes, I did use the ports specified by Lemur. But then I experienced severe jitters and lagginess when I tried using the controller faders.

Okay, good to know, thanks.

I’ve also noticed that by using the same ports as my Lemur setup, there’s alot of MIDI feedback loop happening, which is probably is what is causing the lagginess and jittering whenever I try to use the faders.

Generic Remote does not have this problem at all.

Looks like no one has a solution for this.

Then I hope that in future multiple versions of Cubase and Nuendo, Steinberg won’t take away the Generic Remote just yet.

To me, it is still far superior to the new Midi Remote.

Can you clarify what you mean with this?

Just to the left of the trash can icon you circled is the “disable controller scipt” button. This should remove all instances of the surface, and stops new ones being created but doesn’t delete the script.

So you can disable it to remove the old surface, then re-enable it to make a new one.