midi remote keyboard alesis VI25 controller compatibility problem

My newly purchased Alesis VI25 remote midi keyboard controller, plays all 88 notes on my cubase 12 Pro, but the E2.
No matter what I tried, cubase won’t play the E2 note triggered from this particular midi controller (alesis VI25). The problem occurs only with cubase, does not occur with other DAWs.
Is there a fix to it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Do you perhaps use an Expression Map where E2 is used to trigger an articulation?

You might want to use the MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor to explore what’s happening when you hit the E2.

Thanks for quick your reply.
No, I don’t use an Expression Map using E2.
I don’t run to this problem using other controllers.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you use the MIDI Input as any kind of Remote Device or Cord Pad Input?

Thank you Martin.

Now I’m on vacation away from my equipment. I’ll check it out when I return to my home studio and I’ll come back to you.

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No I don’t


I believe Disable Preferences from the Cubase Safe Start Mode would solve the issue.

Hitting note 52 (E2) on Alesis VI25, on MIDI Monitor appears only the “Not Off”, while hitting other notes first comes up the “Note On” and and then “Note off”.

Will try it and come back to you.

I tried it but the problem is still there.

Thanks Martin,

Finaly disabling Preferences from the Cubase Safe start Mode resolved the problem.
I owe you one.

Thanks again.