MIDI Remote - KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 not recognized?

Hello there,
CUBASE 12 automatically and immediately recognized my ARTURIA KEYLAB ESSENTIAL 61 but didn’t recognize my KOMPLETE KONTROL S61.
Is the script available somewhere? Who is in charge? Steinberg or Native Instruments? Has anyone else created an effective and working script?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @Eric_Tomson, as the KOMPLETE KONTROL already has a Cubase integration for a long time, the new MIDI Remote system is NOT the way to use it. Please open the Studio Setup, there you should find your KOMPLETE KONTROL listed already. If not, you’ll find plenty of tutorial about how to set it up in Cubase.

Actually, I asked about this on the Cubase Hangout yesterday and Greg said there is advantage to setting it up as per what Eric is trying to do. Functionality such as AI knobs… Sadly, there are no scripts available yet for the S series so we have to make our own.


The original script is no longer available in Studio Setup.

You would think this integration would come from Steinberg with the release of Cubase 12. The Native Instruments keyboards are some of the most used.

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any news about that topic ?
I also have a S61…