MIDI Remote - KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 not recognized?

Hello there,
CUBASE 12 automatically and immediately recognized my ARTURIA KEYLAB ESSENTIAL 61 but didn’t recognize my KOMPLETE KONTROL S61.
Is the script available somewhere? Who is in charge? Steinberg or Native Instruments? Has anyone else created an effective and working script?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @Eric_Tomson, as the KOMPLETE KONTROL already has a Cubase integration for a long time, the new MIDI Remote system is NOT the way to use it. Please open the Studio Setup, there you should find your KOMPLETE KONTROL listed already. If not, you’ll find plenty of tutorial about how to set it up in Cubase.

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Actually, I asked about this on the Cubase Hangout yesterday and Greg said there is advantage to setting it up as per what Eric is trying to do. Functionality such as AI knobs… Sadly, there are no scripts available yet for the S series so we have to make our own.


The original script is no longer available in Studio Setup.

You would think this integration would come from Steinberg with the release of Cubase 12. The Native Instruments keyboards are some of the most used.

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any news about that topic ?
I also have a S61…

Are there any news about Script for S61? I also use one and the S25

Good to see I am not alone. I recently purchase Komplete 13+ Kontrol, but I am about to sell the controller immediately, because the integration seems to be awkward in comparison with my Arturia KeyLab 61.

I just joined the forum tonight. I have not had Cubase 12 very long, but also hit a brick wall trying to get my Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 integrated into Cubase. There is NO Komplete Kontrol S-Series option in the drop down menu for adding devices, so all the transport and mix functions are unavailable. This is weird. I use the S61 with Digital Performer, Pro Tools, an Logic Pro and the ALL support the transport and mixer features. :frowning:

This is strange I have an S61 and all pull downs show it in Studio Setup and I have installed it as per the different manuals and YouTube videos. However I have another weird issue. KK Transport and Browser functions work, the light guide shows the active keys on the keyboard but the keyboard does not seem to send any midi signals to Cubase.

All works coredtly in Logic and KK standalone. I have an M1Max MBP so run Cubse 12 in Rosetta mode to be able to use KK and VSL synchron player.

Does anyone has any idea how to solve this?

Well, not sure what happened, but after installing the latest update that dropped today (11/3/22), version 12.0.50, the Mix Mode on my Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 magically works now. Hey… I won’t question HOW it happened, but happy about that! :slight_smile:

There is a Komplete Kontrol in the Studio Setup but not in the Midi Remote, I wonder why?

I checked this similar question on the NI forums. Apparently NI has no ambition to create a script for making the Komplete Kontrol keyboards works as MIDI remote.
This means, only the integration as we know now is available, but you can create your own MIDI remote functions allowing to map the buttons and rotary encoders not yet usable in Cubase.
Mind this: If you add an instrument track in Cubase as Komplete Kontrol instrument, some buttons and rotary encoders will have a function assigned to them so IMHO it might not be a good idea to try mapping buttons/encoders to ‘Quick controls’ or other functions.

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Has anyone tried this while completely bypassing the Komplete Kontrol function ? I basically just want to use the 8 rotary encoders to control the Pre-Gain, Volume, Panning, etc… I don’t care about Komplete Kontrol, I just want a midi controller with rotarys.

Yes sure.
I use the rotary knobs and the push buttons on top of the screen.
I configured these to send MIDI CC in Komplete Kontrol (I use 3 pages allowing for 3 times 8 knobs and buttons)
Then I created a MIDI Remote device with 24 Knobs and 24 buttons each mapping to my preferred functions.

The Komplete Kontrol can be used as a browser for NKS instruments and in MIDI mode I use it as MIDI Remote.

As @Fantom said, using the MIDI mode is one option and actually it’s perfect for many tasks.
If you want to have a look at something a bit different, which uses the DAW mode, you can find it here:

Hi, thanks for the info. How does the screen behave when used as a Midi Remote in Midi Mode ? Does it just not show any information ? Or does it use Midi 2.0 to get some sort of text feedback of what it’s controlling ?

In Komplete Kontrol you can configure the S61 to make the display show whatever you want. So yes, I configured it to show meaningful labels.

Ok thank you. Sorry for all the questions, but the last Native Instrument Keyboard I bought was when Komplete Kontrol wasn’t supported in Cubase, so I got a bit of PTSD.