Midi Remote Manager, toggle between mappings

Is it possible to toggle between different remote mappings?

I was happy to find the mapping editor! However, after mapping is done (likely only once), switching between remotes and mappings would be the most useful, constantly used function.

You can move through pages of mappings by assigning buttons to the next/prev remote page functions. Open the function list on the mapping assistant to see them.

You can also set buttons to specific pages, if wanted. Depends on the buttons available to you, really.

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I did this by assigning a button to Next Mapping Page and on second page I assign the same button to Activate Default or Previus Mapping Page. So it works like a toogle button. It would be nice to have the option of a momentary switch. This could act like a SHIFT button.

When editing buttons on the IC Pro, I’m not able to find the next/prev remote page functions to assign, all I can see are the functions in the screenshot.


Am I looking under the wrong menu? Hold up… Am I on the wrong forum…? Is this not mobile apps?