MIDI Remote Mapping Function 'Next Inser Effect' opens MIDI Inserts' Instead of Audio Inserts (#002)

MIDI Remote Mapping Function ‘Next Inser Effect’ opens MIDI Inserts’ Instead of Audio Inserts

  1. Create ‘Instrument Track’
  2. Open ‘MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant’
  3. Assign ‘Next Insert Effect’ to the MIDI Controller button
  4. Press a previously assigned button on a MIDI Controller
  5. The Inspector tab ‘MIDI Insert’ will open
  6. Therefore commands ‘Previous Insert Effect’ and ‘Reset Insert Effect Bank’ has no function/doesn’t work

NOTE: This command work on ‘Audio Track’ channels, but still ‘Previous Insert Effect’ and ‘Reset Insert Effect Bank’ has no function/don’t work

Windows 10 Pro

MIDI Remote Next Insert Effect Issue

Hi there, I’ve tried to replicate the weird “MIDI Inserts” opening, by following your instructions. I haven’t found the “Next Insert Effect” assignment, opening the “MIDI insert” section.
Furthermore, I think that “Next/Previous/Reset Insert Effect” need an “Inserts Viewer” created inside a script and not via the mapping assistant.

I could/can still access the mentioned feature through a Cubase ‘Generic Remote’ script. So, it is not dependent on dedicated controller scripting.

Several functions have been omitted (forgotten?) in/from the Cubase Pro 12 ‘MIDI Remote Mapping’. Just saying, it would be nice though if someone could update the Cubase Pro 12 with the missing features present from the legacy ‘Generic Remote’ engine.

I do too use Generic Remote functionality in some case and I think this is the way to go, until more and more features are available in the API.
However, in the case of inserts viewer I find it pretty good, though it obviously requires scripting.

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Good idea, but the problem is I do not know for how long Steinberg will keep the ‘Generic Remote’ accessible in Cubase. They clearly stated it will be shut down, so managing both MIDI Remote and Generic Remote engines is a bit hassle.

Maybe, just maybe, the Generic Remote engine will be killed in the next coming Cubase Pro 13.
I guess it is a bit (a lot) easier for their developers to properly migrate Generic Remote stuff into the new MIDI Remote engine.

Not to mention that it will save us a tremendous headache.

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Sure, and this the way to go, to keep one instance.
However, I’m sure they’ll first fill the gaps before they do that.