MIDI Remote Mapping - Generic VST-Specific Mappings

Hi all - I want to create a MIDI remote that is mapped to the parameters of a VST synthesizer. I set up the controller layout and used the mapping assistant to assign parameters to each control knob. However, it appears that the mapping is exclusive to the instance of the VST on the specific track i was using to set it up. (see below)

My goal is to create a generic mapping such that whenever i open this specific VST instrument, regardless of track or track name or project, the mappings still hold. i understand global mappings already, but the mappings are currently associated with the track name im using in this project.

possible solution - create a generic track preset for the mapping and then load that preset whenever i want to use the VST and my controller? If i do that and then create multiple instances of the preset and rename them with unique track names, would the mappings still hold?

I think if you want to create a generally applicable MIDI Remote, the control via Quick Controls would be better suited for this than controlling the track. It would also allow any number of instances of a plug-in, which can then selected by the QC focus.

One way is to use Instrument Parameters for the selected track.

By clicking “===Setup===” you can define how many instrument parameters you wish to control.

Next, you will have to define what Parameter 1, Parameter 2, etc. actually controls on each individual instrument. This is done in the Remote Control Editor found on every VSTi.

The knobs above represent the Instrument Parameters found in the Mapping Assistant starting from top left. Don’t worry about the pages on this screen, they do not come into effect.
I prefer to use the Learn function here by clicking the image button, double click on the knob and select an instrument parameter for each of my controllers.
Don’t forget to click “Apply” when you’re done.
These mappings done with the Remote Control Editor are stored between sessions and will be the same for any instance of that instrument.
You can also do the same for insert fx.


The easiest way to do this is to create a template with a MIDI remote included for the genre of music you want to create.

The MIDI Remote should be persistent across any project. I don’t understand what templates have to do with anything.

I thought the MIDI Remote mappings could be per project or global.

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The QC functionality is what i am going for (i.e. same knobs mapped to different plugins with different parameters that automatically switch based on what is in focus), but i want to map more that 8 parameters.

If you change the script, you can set different settings for the same device. So I think it’s possible to do MIDI remote mapping for each project. Am I wrong?

I’m assuming both of you are correct.

Quick Controls only allow for 8 parameters. See my post above on how to map more than 8. By mapping to Instrument parameters of the selected track it will function similar to Focus Quick Control.

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I might be wrong, but there’s an easy way to do this.
Simply create tracks that are routed to the same channel, and map a different QC for each track.

I think this is the best solution. So the knobs on the RCE page follow the order of the parameters in the Mapping Assistant (first knob = Parameter 1, second knob = parameter 2)?

Correct. Left to right, top to bottom.
And again, don’t worry about the pages in the Remote Control Editor. They do not come into play in this use case.

MIDI remotes are project-independently defined structures that are used to access parameters of the Cubase application or the active Cubase project via external MIDI devices. Although the parameter values may differ from project to project, the surface and functions defined in MIDI Remote always remain the same, regardless of the currently active project. The project-independence of MIDI Remotes is also illustrated by the fact that they exist, even if no project is currently opened in Cubase. Finally, all MIDI Remote relevant data is stored in disk areas that are not assigned to any project.

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In principle, yes. However, users can always remap on the project level, and this remapping will be saved with the project. This is the “Project” mapping option versus the “Global” one.

Here’s an example to demonstrate this:

Say you have a fader assigned to track 1 of the mixer bank zone. Now, let’s say you want in a specific project to assign this fader to a track named “Keys” be it track 3 (in our case this is of no importance, it’s the real track id connected with the track that matters). If you right click on this track’s fader and “Pick for midi remote mapping” you can do it. Now, every time you open this specific project and as long as this track still exists, your fader will be assigned to its volume. If you open another project, your fader will be assigned to the function defined by either the global scope (when using the mapping assistant) or whatever a script does.


I think you are referring to Mapping Scopes, with which you can individually set for a control whether it should be available everywhere (“Global”) or only in a specific project (“Project”). However, this option does not change the basic project independence of MIDI Remotes.

Sorry I’m not following.

Say, we have a midi remote surface created with the assistant with just one knob.
Now, say we have a project and we want this knob to be assigned to the volume of the selected track only for this specific project, i.e. use the project mapping scope.
Here’s a screenshot of such assignment:

I have assigned my knob to the volume.

Now let’s create another project and this time we want the knob to be assigned to QC1 of the selected track again only for this second project. Here’s a screenshot:

Now, each time we open any of these two projects, the knob will be assigned to the specific project mapping we’ve previously set it to. And these mappings are saved for each project whenever there is a project mapping scope involved.

I see what you mean, but even in this example, where the only control is one set to “Project”, the entire MIDI Remote is still managed independently of that project. That’s what was meant by “basic project independence of MIDI Remotes”.

:smile: No need for confusion, “Mapping Scopes” are simply a part of MIDI Remote Mapping, look here: