MIDI Remote Mapping Pages indicator

So we have these really great MIDI Remote surfaces now with mappings and a great feature is multiple mapping pages.

My problem: it’s very useful until you have to use the lower zone for editing or anything else, because you can’t see, which page you’re on, or if you try to remember, to which page you’re switching to, if there’s more than two.

The both possiblities to see are the lower zone MIDI Remove view and the MIDI Remote Manager, which can be opened in an extra window and set to always on top. But: it has a lot of overhead and uses a lot of space.

So if we could either have one tiny indicator somewhere in one of the status bars, showing which page we’re on - please correct me if there already is something like that, I would appreciate very much.

Or maybe a window with only the remote’s surface and everything else hidden. It would improve the mapping pages feature a lot, I think.

You could place it somewhere on your desktop to always see your current mapping.


Great idea!!!
I hope the MIDI remote feature continue its developmet and integration in to the GUI.


I hope so too, it’s so much more convenient now.

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Maybe I am missing something but I like this little floating window, it reflects the “page” as well (although this setting for OPZ doesn’t have 2nd page.).

I think many are not aware that everything that is in the lower zone can be opened in an independent window with similar functionality.


It’s not similar functionality. It’s exactly the same functionality. Same as you can open any Editor in the Lower Zone or in the New Window.

Hi Martin,
you are a real guru for cubase and so I HAVE to ask you:;o)

What I said is that “everything in the lower zone can be opened in an independent window with similar functionality” - because I think the functionality of the lower zone mixer for example is NOT completely the same as in all the other mixer windows… - so: am I missing something?

Hi @Elien,

OK, you are right, we are playing the “wording-game” now, sorry.

You are right, the MixConsole is a bit limited, comparison to the MixConsole window. The reason is simple, there is not so much space in the Lower Zone, you get in the window. So in fact, it’s the other way around: in the Lower Zone, you get “similar functionality” (I would rather say: almost all functionality)…

There is only one more feature in the Lower Zone’s Editors, comparison to the window Editors: Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursor. This feature doesn’t make sense in the Editor window, therefore it has not been implemented. On the other hand, there are Global Tracks in the Key Editor window, for example.

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Hi Martin, thank you… I was trying to learn! :slight_smile:
And what I wrote was not a complaint. I love it that we have as well the lower zone as the separate windows. This is so great for multiple monitors.

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Sorry, I didn’t mention this specifically. But those extra windows from lower zone sections can’t be made always on top. Neither the cubase internal always on top option exists neither do external tools that set the windows system property work. At least on windows 10.

I’m in the same boat and totally dig Friede’s frustration here. We need a simple “always on top” status window for Midi Remote pages, similar to the one available with Generic Remote. It’s a Godsend for knowing what set of mapped controls are currently active so you don’t accidentally move things you don’t want to. Although you can open the Lower Zone in a pop-up window, it disappears after you close the Lowe Zone, (or select a different tab), so pretty useless for what is being requested. Still I think the M.R. has great potential.


I always have my remote open in a separate window, and the lower zone (if I ever use it) turned to another tab. Now, honestly, Im using a separate monitor for it, however I don’t see why not using the original one with proper tiling (on a wide screen I guess).

I see the reason why someone would like to have such a feature, but in my opinion it is the wrong direction. If you need to know what function/mapping page is active etc. , it is way better to bring the corresponding windows to front. The remote script should more support this for „normal“ users, because API scripters have a huge arsenal they can use for this and still, even there you will not find many examples that will use such features extensively.

What I mean is for example, if you create a mapping page for let’s say „Sends“, then you can script it in a way that automatically the „Channel Edit“ window opens and is brought to front. You can even advance this, by automatically expand the Sends in the inspector and so on…

Such a approach is way better then bringing the Midi remote to front, just to know what you are actually doing/controlling. If you constantly create mapping pages this way, you will be rewarded with a always up-to-date display/monitor, where the user knows what he is doing.

Unfortunately the API and the mapping editor are inconsistent and not in sync. What I mean is, I always find functions that are mappable with the editor, but not with the API, because they are not supported there. For example the „Send Pan“ is ONLY mappable in the „Channel Edit“ window and ONLY with the mapping editor. I hope that it is clear enough, what I try to say.