Midi remote mapping questions

I have a new controller to use with my Laptop and made a midi remote map for it.

Am I wrong in thinking that if I set up a plugin and map the parameters to the knobs ands sliders it should recal that mapping when I open the plugin?

I have not been able to do this, whatever I map seems to ONLY work with the one VSTi or plugin map globaly.


It depends on how you do this.

For me, the easiest way (conceptually) is to just assign the knobs and sliders to Selected Track → Insert & Strip Effects → Inserts Viewer → Parameters → Parameter 1, 2, 3, 4* etc etc… in what order suits you, and then enter each plug-in’s Remote Control Editor and move the parameters around so that they correspond to which knob or slider you prefer.

Once the Remote Control Editor’s new layout is saved, that’s it. The assignments will work for any project, any slot.

* Or you can go the Focus plug-in route, and just control the plug-in window that’s currently in focus.

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yes, I thought the focus plugin thing would be what I was looking for but when I mapped it that was it. I couldn’t map a separate plugin without overriding what seemed like a ‘Global’ one plugin map.

I’ve read the documentation and looked at you tube but i can’t seem to find anything about mapping various plugins and it recalling them automatically.

Do I need to save the plugin as some sort of preset perhaps after I’ve mapped it to the controller?


Check out this post. You don’t want to make “concrete assignments” from the mapping assistant. What you want instead, is to set up an abstract “order of parameters”. The “what knob controls threshold in this compressor” part comes in the RCE of said compressor.

Just give the post a look.