Midi remote missing dead zone fader support (for Touche)

The current Midi remote is unable to utilize a device with 4 combined faders, such as the touche or game controller, due to the absence of dead zones. Dead zones refer to areas where the input from the controller is disregarded.

When using any of the four Touche directions (up, down, left, right), there is also a slight movement of the other axis. This leads to confusion in Cubase midi remote, therefore a dead zone requires an predefined value change to be registered with x amount of time prior to recognizing the input.

Touche Up fader = quick control 1 50-100%
Touche Down fader = quick control 1 50-0%

When pressing UP fader the down fader also registered slight movements, this lead to unexpected / undesired behaviour.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does the setValueRange() for the MidiBinding help in your case?

Is this a editor feature (and i’m no able to find this), or would this required scripting ?

Im pretty sure this is scripting . it seems the normal now for suggesting script inserts to correct bad programming , even thou most of us don’t use script