MIDI Remote - Mixer Bank follow visibility not working?

I’m trying to get my MIDI Remote mixer bank to follow the mix console visibility in Nuendo, but I’m not having any luck.

I’m creating a mixer bank zone as follows:

var hostMixerBankZone = page.mHostAccess.mMixConsole.makeMixerBankZone()

And then I’m looping for each of my channel strips (I’ve tried various quantities - e.g. 8, 24 etc) and creating mixer bank channels with:

var hostMixerBankChannel = hostMixerBankZone.makeMixerBankChannel()

However, no matter how I set the visibility of channels in any of the MixConsoles (project, 1-4) - either through track type filters (for the arranger, or any of the mix consoles), or track visibility (for the project window, or any of the mix consoles) - it has zero impact on the channels that are visible on my control surface. Select, mute, solo etc still act on the exact same channels whether hidden or visible.

The only thing that appears to affect the channels that show up on the control surface are, e.g.


Those do seem to take effect, including/excluding by track type.

Strangely, excluding by left/right zone doesn’t do anything either. If I exclude the left and right zone, for example:


Moving channels to the left/right zone in the main project window, or any mix console, does not affect the channels on the MIDI Remote surface. They still show up, and are still in the same order as in the main arranger/track list.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this working correctly for anyone else, or is this a bug?


EDIT: Just found this post:
Icon Platform M+ MIDI Remote - should work with any MCU based controller - #50 by robw?
Sounds like maybe MIDI Remote channel visibility is broken in the 12.0.50 update?

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I believe this is an introduced bug as neither my Icon Platform M+ midi remote nor any of the Example honour FollowVisibility() anymore. It was working in my case (same code as you).

So far as I can piece together the history of system changes it may be related to the Cubase 12.0.50 update.

@Jochen_Trappe Could you check this please? It appears to be an introduced bug.

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Oh, must be a bug. Thanks again for sharing!

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Just to confirm, you’re also aware that .setFollowVisibility(true) appears to not be working? (maybe a new issue in 12.0.50?)

@Jochen_Trappe You are probably trying to figure out what went wrong with CB 12.0.51 but it would helpful to know if you can confirm this issue with setFollowVisibility() not working anymore (likely 12.0.50 related). It’s quite annoying.

So I downgrade Cubase to 12.0.40 and also tried my current and original release version of the Icon Platform M+ Midi remote. Track Visibility continues to have no effect.

I do not understand as I am sure it was working under 12.0.40 and the original release. At this stage NONE of the midi remote examples nor my own will follow track visibility. More over _the mixconsole shows no change in the white underline thingy that shows the banks available when channels are hidden - it removes the hidden ones but the lower and upper limits remain on the same channels where as I am expecting it to “follow visibility” and remap the to the next set of channels.

I am very confused as to what has changed to stop this

That’s very odd. I just tested Nuendo 12.0.40 on my second machine (never installed 12.0.50 there) and track visibility isn’t working on that machine, either. I even deleted all preferences (from appdata) and created a brand new project, and it’s still not working.

I’d not tried in 12.0.40 previously, so I can’t confirm if it ever worked there. But it does seem it’s not working in either 12.0.40 or 12.0.50.

Is it possible you were on a version older than 12.0.40 when this worked @robw ?

Unlikely but at this point I’m questioning my own sanity as to whether it really worked at all! :slight_smile: . Though it drives me nuts everytime I push my track visibility macro to shrink to just Brass and my Icon isn’t just doing brass - I take that as a fairly good sign it did work at some point.

I have the midi remote source in version control so I rolled back several versions of it, still no available with either 12.0.40 or 12.0.50. The reinstall process has been pretty harmless to do so I might roll back CB even further and see what happens.

At this point I am wondering if something else is causing an interaction issue that prevents the banking changing with visibility - for example I have Eucon installed though its set to follow visibility. So far as I can tell there is no event in the Midi Remote on visibility change. Even getting the mixer bank to simply change Labels with track names which has nothing to do with hardware fails to change with visibility.

I think I am back to questioning my own sanity as to whether track visibility is supposed to be having an impact. @Jochen_Trappe, anybody - could you please reconfirm the expected behavior of Track Visibility on midi remote mixer banks?

I’m also wondering if it’s some weird interaction issue. I had a Mackie Control device setup (for testing) alongside the MIDI Remote scripts. I’ve since deleted those devices from Nuendo, and I even cleared my preferences, so I’d hope that wouldn’t affect it - but maybe? I don’t recall if channel visibility was working with the Mackie Control, as I only used it for testing before deciding to go with MIDI Remote over Mackie Control.

Having said that, the fact it’s affecting you @robw, plus another user of your script (in your thread), as well as me, makes me very suspicious that it’s an environment issue - the chances of all three of us having the same environment problem seems small, versus it being a bug with MIDI Remote.

I can confirm that the white lines in Mix Console that show which channels are banked on the hardware do not update for me, either (the left/right extremes don’t change when hiding channels in the middle, but instead still show the left/right extremes of the hardware device).

I can also confirm that - as far as I can tell - MIDI Remote does nothing when changing channel visibility. I’ve been logging when channel title changes, and that doesn’t get called, and I’m not sending MIDI directly to the hardware, but instead to my own application, and it doesn’t receive a single MIDI message when channel visibility is changed.

I agree, can someone at Steinberg (maybe @Jochen_Trappe) confirm the expected behavior, and if this is a bug, can you confirm that you can reproduce it? I also have large projects with 100s tracks, and utilize track visibility to show e.g. just strings, or just brass, so this is really inconvenient for me.


On my side, i was never able to make the follow visibility function work. As well as other mixer bank functions. But since i didn’t test those functions for more than a few minutes, i thought i was doing something wrong.

Maybe i wasn’t?


Have just done another round of testing which confirms all your observations above. Plus:

  • Checked Mackie (with midi remote disabled) - Track Visibility works as expected
  • Checked Eucon - follow track visibility works as expected
  • Disabled Eucon and Mackie - Midi Remote still fail to respond to track visibility
  • Used Safe Mode to disable preferences - Midi remote still fails to respond to track visbility
  • Disabled my script, built a 4 fader mixer bank using the Midi Remote GUI tools - Midi remote still fails to respond to track visibility
  • Tried Several factory midi remotes - pointing them at a random spare midi port pair - None of them responded to track visibility changes

This is with 12.0.50. I checked most of these with 12.0.40 as well.
Partial check with 12.0.30 and my original v1 script as well also failed.
Interestingly when I rolled abck to my v1 script which doesn’t have a prototype ChannelStrip page MIDI Remote in Cubase STILL showed the page in the Page select list and still tried to get there → Suggests to me that there are some parameters being recalled from somewhere OTHER than the Scripting
It is possible during development that something got switched that we can’t see and is being remembered. Restarting Cubase didn’t seem to clear it either.

@Jochen_Trappe Could you please explain why MIDI Remote is remembering a non-existent page when Reloading an older script that doesn’t have that page?

I also noticed strange behavior relating to old data being cached. I tried changing the MIDI ports used by my script, but Nuendo would sometimes use the old ports, not the newly defined ones (couldn’t figure out when/why). The only fix I found was to rename my script, so that Nuendo saw it as a new script. Then it consistently uses the new ports. Suggests to me that something was being cached somewhere, outside of the MIDI Remote directory in My Documents. Possibly related to what you saw with old pages hanging around?

@stevetwist Could you check your Mapping Assistant dialog and see if it looks like this:

I have 3 mappings being shown for Volume (Channel 1…) Mixer Bank Zone - the two at the top and further down there is single one which is followed by the other controls for that channel (select, pan, Mute, solo etc).

I’m currently re-checking my code to see if it’s inadvertantly creating multiple mappings…

@robw - I checked mine, and I only have one entry for each control (so, 1 entry for each volume, 1 for select/mute/solo etc, per-channel strip). No duplicate entries anywhere.

That’s what I would expect - which is odd. I’ve checked my code, so far as I can tell it only generates 1. I any event the fact you only have 1 and still have the visibility issue means that is probably not the issue and it may well be more “leftovers” in whereever the MIDI Remote is getting old information from.

Jochen confirmed that .setFollowVisibility() is not-yet-implemented: MidiRemote Quirks - #2 by Jochen_Trappe

On the plus side, it’s also teased that it will be implemented at some point! I’m looking forward to that update :slight_smile: