MIDI Remote Mixer Bank Zone problem?

Is that right, that there are some nice workflow improvements in the Cubase 13 MIDI Remote - or did I miss those in Cubase 12 already? For example, I’ve enjoyed replacing existing mappings without having to delete them first.

However I have encountered an issue, and I wonder if that’s just on my system, or is it a repeatable problem?

On my Win10 (22H2) system in Cubase 13.0.10 as well as 13.0.20 the Mixer Bank section seems to be broken.

When assigning MIDI Remote actions, like Previous Mixer Bank, Next Mixer Bank, Reset Mixer Bank it all seems fine during the rest of the same Cubase session.

This looks fine and seems to work as expected:

However after quitting Cubase and starting Cubase again, the assignments aren’t working and looking at the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant, shows the Mixer Bank Zone section with “Missing” Actions and the rest of the MixConsole sections below the “Actions” are entirely gone (Channels, Output).

When I delete those Mappings displayed as “Missing”, then quit and re-start Cubase, the Mix Console section in the Mapping Assistant looks normal again.

Maybe something is not written to file properly just in that particular mappings section, when quitting Cubase?

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I have the exact same problem… any solution yet ?

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