MIDI remote multiple instances bug?

I’ve noticed a weird bug in MIDI remote. I’ve made scripts for my Akai LPD8 and Novation Impulse 49, and both seem to show up with an extra instance of each upon loading Cubase.

So there’s two instances of each in MIDI remote, one connected and the other disconnected. The second instance disappears when I disable and re-enable the script.

Anyone else experienced this?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Did you script it or did you use the Mapping Assistant, please? Are you willing to share the script (via PM), please?

Hi Martin

I used the mapping assistant for both, sure I will share the scripts with you


Could you please double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup? Do you see more instances of the MIDI Port(s) here? Do you maybe use the new WinRT MIDI and the old MIDI driver?