MIDI Remote: Multiple Layers for Single Controller

Can’t seem to figure this one out. I have a controller that has 5 built-in layers. Each layer can have different MIDI assignments.

Creating different pages in MIDI Remote does not help because I cannot assign new MIDI parameters for controls. I want to use the layers in the controller because it already has built-in buttons for that.

Any suggestions on handling this besides creating the controller 5 times on the same page?

That’s the way to do it, since you’re making the hardware behave like it’s 5 times as large. :slight_smile:

If you can reprogram the layer switches on your hardware to send MIDI messages (rather than switching hardware layers), then you could do it differently.

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Crap haha

I tried copy/paste commands but they don’t work. Please tell me there is a way to copy and paste controls?

Hi @david_molina, by going the JavaScript way, you’d be having everything you’re asking for. Which controller are we talking about? Maybe I (or someone else) could assist you with the coding.

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Using the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant, this is the way to go, i.e. create all controls on the same surface. At the same time, if the buttons to change layers, are sending out midi messages, you can actually assign them to page changes, while having your 5 layers sending the very same message per control in each layer, this is actually the idea @Nico5 suggested.

Now, as @Jochen_Trappe just stated, using javascript, you can benefit from the functions of the API designed for layers’ handling (makeControlLayerZone & makeControlLayer).