Midi Remote not working with Komplete M32

OK so this simply does not work (for me). M32 keyboard works fine plug and play but thought i would try to create a new setup. The learn function only recognises key presses, that is to say notes.
None of the 8 controllers or buttons register. There is little hope I can use this to reconfig my Behringer touch. On top of that cubase crashes, shuts down on startup, all kinds of issues. This is the first time I have upgraded very early and wont do it again. Considering refund.

Is the M32 switched to MIDI mode? By default is set to work with the KK plugin.

I thought this was automatic in that when you move to a track that does not have a KK plugin it uses standard midi? Just had a look and its shift + plug in button to change. Will give this a go tonight, thanks.

Nah, you need to switch it manually using the shortcut you mentioned.

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Same thing for me. I thought M32 was faulty. shift+plugin works!

Yes, can also confirm that you @Maax need to switch to “MIDI Mode” (Shift + Plugin/MIDI button).

@digitallysane: Have you found a way to prevent a Komplete Kontrol keyboard to switch back to “Komplete Kontrol” (DAW control) mode as soon as you select another track in Cubase? Mine does that. I switch to MIDI Mode to use the knobs for CCs, then change to another track, and the keyboard immediately jumps back to “Komplete Kontrol” (DAW control) mode. Do you know of a way to prevent that? It makes MIDI Mode almost unusable.

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No idea, I stopped using the M32 long ago since I didn’t like anything about it in terms of hardware or functionality. It sits somewhere in a drawer.
The only good thing was the included software and cheap upgrade path to Komplete.

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