Midi Remote problem. Why do mapped controls only affect one track?

Hello. Here is a screenshot of my project window with my midi remote setup. I got it working but it only seems to work on one midi track. I have 3 midi tracks as you can see and they all have identical settings (I think) which means that if I have another midi track selected, the buttons on my controller should affect that track. The middle track (CP Prolonged) is always the one affected even if I select another midi track. So if I push the mute button on my midi controller, the middle track is muted not the one I have selected. Why is this happening?

EDIT: I noticed later this little lightning bolt sign on the note expression tab and it might have something to do with this because it is the only thing different between the midi tracks.

EDIT 2: Ok so I see when I select certain channels in my project window the same does not become selected in my mixer and the midi controller controls THAT selected channel . But this is confusing, why can’t both chanels be selected at the same time?

There are various “Mute” functions that can be assigned to a control. In this case, “Selected Track/Mute” would be the right one:

This always mutes the selected track.

However, only the track selected first is controlled; additional tracks selected later are not taken into account.

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Great, thanks so much for helping!