Midi remote question!

Hello everyone,

I really like the new midi remote feature that really makes it easier than before to map things to an external midi controller.
But, I use a berhinger x touch mini for all my buses mute & solo operations.

I have 2 problems:

1/ the mapping is done based on the track number of the bus / track, and it changes from one project to another of course, my GTR bus is track #60 in a session and the next session it’s gonna be on track 65 or sthg.

2/ max number of tracks is 128, and i currently have a session where my instruments busses are between 145 and 165, and it really seems that i cannot map these busses to a button on my midi controller. I really don’t understand why it’s the case, why there is this limitation. Am i doing something wrong here?


Yes, this is how does it work.

Where do you get the limit? From your Cubase edition?

There is no limit in the MIDI Remote API.

well i have Cubase Pro 12 and when you go there:

you can only add a max of 128 channels…so how can i map my bus tracks who are at the end of my session, like the last tracks…


You can use the Channel Banks. There is no hardware with 128+ Channel controls, as far as I know.

What do you mean by Channel banks, it’s where i’m looking on the above screenshot right?
And it’s limited to 128 channels, even if i have more tracks in my session.
Do i understand it wrongly?


Sorry, I’m not with my DAW now. I mean the Mixer Bank Zones. It might be one Zone had the 128 limit, but you can switch the Zones to reach other channels.